Welcome to the SDFAS Parent Connect forum!

As parents, we most certainly need to connect with each other during this period of social distancing! Let’s share what is working for us and our families and how we've overcome challenges as we adapt to the current situation. Others among us might then benefit from any tips or advice...

Happy posting!

Forum Expectations:

1. Remember the Golden Rule - treat others as you want to be treated.

2. Requests for assistance or specific feedback related to distance learning - these should be directed toward division directors and teachers.

3. Inappropriate comments or content - SDFAS reserves the right to delete any offensive or defamatory posts or uploaded content as well as any post or content that is a liability or sensitivity concern for the school. 

4. SDFAS Parent Connect is for SDFAS Parents only!

Please remember that we are all continuously striving to improve as educators, parents, and friends.
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